Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Well, it has been over a month since my last blog. We finally have a computer at home and so I am hoping I can be more productive. Have written most days, but much has been my hand. The means I have to type in what I write. That has been great for revision, but tough on the carpel tunnel.

Have been working mostly on a new novel. I'm in chapter eight of the draft, but have run into some snags. Things were steady but very slow for a couple of days and I ran into the some conflicts with my writing schedule. So I haven't really been back to the thing for several days. In the interim -- and I suspect this is a problem -- I decided to write a short story based on what my family calls "The alligator story." Thought I could whip out a draft in an afternoon, but the problems with the hands made it very difficult. Now I have typed what I had done by hand and I'm up about the ninth page, but have still not gotten to the alligator itself. I suspect I will have to take a great deal of time to revise this story.

I did revise a story and it should be posted to the site pretty soon. (Tried to update the site today, but only managed to upload the darn thing.) It is called "The Box" for now. I really think it should have another title, but so far nothing. My wife likes the title. The story is one of several I want to write about my Wilson Bell character during the time before my novel about him is set.

Have been trying to be very aggressive about submitting work for publication. Last week I probably sent, either via email or regular post, a couple dozen poems and several stories and essays. Got news today three haiku of mine are now on the web at Emoments. That's pretty exciting in that it really is a first to me (though a haiku sequence of mine --not all that good-- was published several years ago) and I like the stuff I've read on this site.

Well, better go for now. Peace. "He who will not work shall not eat" (Saint Paul to the Thessalonians).

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