Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Tonya and I took the twins and Max to see The Country Bears last night. It is a goofy little movie, but was kind of fun. Max brought in a magazine I had gotten him earlier and lost all but the cover. Ate too much popcorn and paid for it all night long.

Wrote pretty much nothing, but did work on the webpage. I need to finish this children's book. I am wondering about whether I should post it to my website. Should have tried to write a little or maybe revise my newest story last night (since I wasn't sleeping), but I played with the stupid computer instead.

Read only a few pages of The Ghostway and nothing in the Merton book. I did put a hold on a book yesterday, Practical Gods by Carl Dennis because I am trying to read Pulitzer Prize winners. If it comes before I finish the Merton book, I may turn Merton back in. This morning read chapter 11 of Proverbs and chapter 12 of Ecclesiastes. That business about God bringing every deed to judgement is scary.

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Have made changes to the website. Mostly, I made a new start page and have added this weblog. Have added another group log that I hope my writing friends will use to discuss writing and reading.

Reading The Ghostway by Tony Hillerman and Thomas Merton: Spiritual Master. I think I need to finish the latter book, but am frustrated that it is taking so long. May get back to some poetry.

Wrote a poem Friday while Max and I were at Burger King. Titled and typed it today: "Fear at Burger King".
Well, I just signed up for this blogger thing and I'm trying it out. Thanks mostly go to Brad Smithart for not only being a very cool friend, but for giving me the idea of doing this.

Speaking of Brad, I suppose a most recent event involves he and I fixing the breaks on the van. Spent Saturday night at his place and had a fun time. Watched The Legend of the Drunken Master and burned some cds. Talked about my website, writing, music. Nikki made Buffalo Wing Sandwiches and we ate them, for they were delicious.

Today is the twins' birthday. They did the Chuck E Cheese thing and after I get finished at the Writing Center, I think we are going to go out to a movie and dinner. I suppose it will be Powerfuff Girls or something like that. Hopefully we can do Chili's and not McDonald's or Burger King.

Hope I can figure this out.