Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Recovering after surgery and trying to take advantage of Spring Break. Good thing my doctor says I have to rest. I'm too nerdy and broke to actually do anything.

I have written, during this period of illness/injury a few poems. I wanted to post a couple lines from each here and tell a bit of the story. However, the pieces are in pieces, so to speak. Some are on a floppy I can't access (my A drive is kaput at home and I can't go anywhere to use one). Some are not in a shape to be seen. Some are in fragments and notes. Can/Should only use the computer a little bit each day.

I am terrible at this resting thing.

Working on an essay that was prompted by a doctor who didn't see me an entire weekend he was on call and I was in the hospital. Would also like to get at least a draft of a short story, but who knows. Grading papers and tests as I have energy. Working on some "lists" of different things that I might post to my webpage.

Have done a lot of reading. Well, not a lot in the sense that it is going non-stop, but much more than usual since it is one thing I can handle for long periods of time. Read The KGB Bar Book of Poems, which was interesting in that it isnot only an anthology of mostly interesting poetry, but contains photos and anecdotes by some of the writers about good and bad experiences doing/attending poetry readings. Read several issues of The New Yorker. Have a John Grisham novel my wife got me. Don't know if I want to start it just yet.

Have made a couple of fixes to the webpage. Have submitted poems, stories, and an essay to a few ezines. Glad the Internet has made this process a bit easier at times.

Did I mention I'm not real good at this resting thing?

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