Thursday, April 22, 2004

Listening to: KNTU over the net. Listened to Weather Report's Heavy Weather in the library earlier.

Today's poem: "The Return" by Anna Ahkmatova.

Students working on research papers. Some things slowing down. Calm before next week's storm. Sorry for the cliche.

At the student art sale, I bought a new coffee cup the other day to add to my boring little collection. My favorite color is blue, but something told me to go with something with some earth tones. The cup I purchased is taller and a tiny bit thinner than most coffee cups and has a blue ring near the top that blends nicely into the greenish-brown-black of the majority of the cup. Nice big handle.

Why does this matter? Don't know. Just thought I'd write about it. I get a sense of peace/pleasure from such simple things as a nice cup of coffee and I suppose the cup is as much a part of the overall experience as the music I'm listening to or the book I'm reading or what I'm writing.

Speaking of reading, I skipped my quiet time to prepare for class this morning. Have done too much of that lately and so I want to take care of it now while I have an opportunity. Enjoy the day!

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