Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The school year will soon be upon us. Monday begins school for the kids (except Angela) and I have reporting week. Then classes the following Monday. Angela moves into her dorm at Texas A&M Commerce on Wednesday. Tonya had a devil of a time getting Angela registered for her classes, thanks much to the runaround of a student worker who didn't understand enough English to get past the difficulties of the pat responses he was told to give.

I am looking forward to everything, but I feel I have not gotten as much done this summer as I would like. I hope I can work on the syllabi and writing e-book this week, so I will not be so stressed next week.

Have not done much writing...a few poems, or rather a handful of disparate lines. The other day, I worked on the plagiarism essay and the letter to politicians essay, but I don't know if I've really accomplished much.

Spent last weekend with my brother John and his family. Was really nice to visit. Mom and Bryan came on Saturday and we played volleyball and ate steak. Mostly I did nothing and chatted extensively with John.

Finally finished The Greatest Story Ever Told. I'm glad I read it. There is much to like about it, but some of the book did not set well with me. There were some subtle places that seemed a bit anti-Semetic and too often the dialogue (especially where passages of Scripture had been taken directly) lapsed into King James English, which disturbed not only the flow, but the tone and flavor of the overall story. However, I may be too critical about these points.

Have returned I, Robot, by Isaac Assimov. Am in the third chapter/story. So far so good. I do sense, perhaps because I am returning to school soon, perhaps because I have not written much, to read something a bit more substantial.

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