Thursday, November 04, 2004

Thoughts from the cell -- number 1

Okay, as readers of this blog already know, I hope for most of my postings to be about a single subject, kind of like a mini-essay. However, I've decided to also blog with a collection of miscellaneous thoughts and musings, from time to time. Here is "issue" number one.

The election. Okay, much to my chagrin, Bush won and Kerry lost. Guess what? The world is not coming to an end. Well, maybe. I suspect the terrorists will have something to say about that. Emperor (a second term merits a small promotion)George has already renewed attacks.

I am glad that Kerry was willing to concede. Sure the math was against him, but he could have made things worse by prolonging this. He would have solved nothing, likely caused greater division. And despite Bush's "appeal" to those who voted for Kerry, I do not expect him to actually work on healing. Our monarch seems to love/thrive on divisiveness.

The Red Sox. This has been a long time coming, but I finally have to say it: Hoooooray!!!! Glad to see them win, but mostly I'm glad to see the Yankees lose. My daughter, whom I'm trying to teach to be a good sport, has pointed out my hypocrisy in loathing the Yankees so much. When she's older....

Listening to: a shuffling of Miles Davis. Have listened to John Scofield's Works for Me and Pat Metheny's One Quiet Night the past couple of days. Have been listening to miscellaneous piano jazz at the house. Realized I didn't have any Thelonious Monk on the computer at home. Fixed that little problem mighty quick.

Speaking of music. The Pat Metheny Group releases The Way Up in January and will be in town in March. Hope I can get there. Since the disc is to be a single 68 minute track, I don't suppose I'll be able to get it from Napster. I wonder if there will be an extra track available like there usually is on the Japanese imports. Waiting is not fun, but I'll try to be patient.

Well, dear readers, I must go for now. Time to try to get the kids to do their homework and to avoid stepping on the kitty (pictures forthcoming). Peace.

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