Monday, January 24, 2005

Thoughts from the cell -- volume 3

So much to write about, so little to say.

First weeks of Spring semester. It seems to have gone pretty well so far, at least with classes. Everyone seems reasonably happy. I have the usual problem with the bookstore ordering the right book for my a few of my sections, but perhaps a little less hostility this term. I'm grateful that the Wintermester schedule worked out so that I actually had a real weekend before reporting week. That helped a great deal.

Pinewood Derby. Max won first place for all the Tiger cubs, so Saturday was a pretty good day. Perhaps I'll get a picture up here soon. Max had a good time. Much thanks to Jim for help with the car.

Lent has arrived. So far, I'm keeping to my discipline. But the weekend may provide greater challenge.

Reading. Most recently read Walt McDonald's Blessings The Body Gave. I liked it very much. May write a review of it, but so far, I have not gotten around to it. Still going though The Spiritual Life Of Children by Robert Coles.

Writing. A couple poems. A non-fiction piece(s) on the subject of fear. A couple letters. Nothing earth shattering.

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