Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sports Notes for October/November 2005

So who was picking the Cowboys? I'm sure a handful of people thought the Cowboys would beat Philly last Monday, but with four minutes to go thought that McNabb and the Eagles were finally playing as they should have been, and sticking it to child star Terrill Owens by playing like a complete team and winning without and despite his theatrics. But Dallas hung in there, not always playing well, but still keeping themselves in the game, and won on a couple of exciting plays (at least from the standpoint of the Dallas fan).

But do sportswriters and analysts give the Cowboys credit? Not much they didn't. The next day, more energy was spent on the mistake the Eagles made in throwing, particularly in that area at that time of the day, than on Roy Williams brilliant play not only to make the interception, but to disguise his coverage. Precious little was said about Bledsoe's fantastic pass just minutes before. I heard a little, but not much except about the Eagles blowing it.

This wouldn't bother me so much, but when the Cowboys lost to the Redskins, I also didn't hear or read much about how Dallas dominated the game. I'm sure there isn't really an anti-Dallas bias (except perhaps from some Dallas media figures), but the discrepancy sure does lend credance to the idea that maybe some can't stand for the Cowboys to be considered good.

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