Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Poems read in class during National Poetry Month 2006

For the past two years, I have tried to read a poem a day at the beginning of each class during April as a celebration of National Poetry Month. Below are some of the poems I shared with my classes.

Poetry Marianne Moore April 3
The Little Ways That
Encourage Good Fortune William Stafford April 4
Bank Fishing for Bluegills *
Ted Kooser April 5
One Art Elizabeth Bishop April 6
Ode to the Cat Pablo Neruda April 7
Happiness Mary Oliver April 11
Words for Worry
Li-Young Lee April 12
Photograph of My Father In
His Twenty-Second Year Raymond Carver April 13
Inspiration Karol Woytyla April 17
“A night full of
talking that hurts” Rumi April 18
Visiting the Master * Stephen Dunn April 20
“When I have fears that I
may cease to be”
John Keats April 21
Conversation in the Mountain + Li Po April 24

I copied this into the blog (the publish from Word feature not working on my computer right now). Most of the links here are on the wonderful site for The Academy of American Poets. (Sadly has no page for Raymond Carver, despite my pleas with them and offers to write it myself.)

* Poem not here, but the poet does have his own webpage.
+ Not the same version I read to my classs, but nice nonetheless.

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