Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sports Notes for January 2007

Shut up, Dale Hansen. You and the rest of the Dallas media wouldn't know a good coach if he went undefeated. The problem is that you and the rest of the sport media world get pissed when someone thinks questions are stupid or gets tired of answering the same old questions. Or just doesn't want to talk at all. Whatever happened to the right to remain silent?

Usually I don't give a damn about the idiotic things that come out of the mouths of athletes and sometimes coaches. But isn't it odd that players and coaches are fined and hated by sports media when they choose to not talk and the same often happens when they choose to give less than pat answers?

Beckham is coming to the U.S. Here's is what doesn't surprise me. 1. Rock star soccer player goes to the city of stars rather than a team he'd be a fit for. 2. The sports media uses the event to further make fun of the world's most popular sport. Next time some football fanatic spouts some crap about how "boring" he thinks soccer is, remind him of that sham-event-travesty-dull-as-rust piece o' crap called the BCS Championship game.

What was that bullpucky Sha-squeal O'Neal was saying about he and Martin Luther King? Can anyone actually believe him?
What's the matter with my Stars? They did beat the Kings the other night without some of their top players, so maybe things are looking up. I'm happy for Turco and Boucher making the All-Star squad, but there are some other names that deserve the be there too.
The Mavericks are going to win it all this year. Tremble, Miami. My man Dirk should win the MVP, unless something goes horribly wrong in the second half of the season. Clearly no one is better so far this year. Again tonight he lights up the fourth quarter. The team is making a way to win nearly every game. Even the most recent loss (to the much hated Lakers) was close. Tremble, foes. Tremble.

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