Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Music Notes -- Changeless

The Keith Jarrett Trio’s Changeless is a fine, reflective, album, one that finds Jarrett's trio is really good form. Unlike some of the free jazz that seems to go all over the place, each piece, though improvised completely, reads like a group meditation. This is one of those recordings that almost make me understand what jazz musicians mean by the spiritual element of the music. (I have no idea if this is the intent of these three.)

In addition to Jarrett's magnificent playing, a highlight here is the drum work of Jack DeJohnette. He is a rare breed who seems to be sometimes playing melodies, and not just keeping time. Bassist Gary Peacock is great as well. However, DeJohnette's work here continues to amaze and mystify me.

The four gorgeous pieces total 49 minutes of wonder for me. My favorite track is the second, "Endless," a fifteen minute stream of river, calming and exciting at once. The other three are really fine, but this is the track that brings me back to the album time and time again.

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