Saturday, January 01, 2011

TV Notes -- Heading into 2011

HGTV's coverage of the Rose Bowl parade was pretty bad. The hosts talked over everything of interest. The goofball at street level was shown yapping with an inset taking up a quarter of the screen, often covering the float he was talking about. The camera rarely showed some of the most beautiful features of the floats. The only bright spot was the guy talking about some of the scientific and artistic elements of the floats, and the other hosts spent a lot of air time making fun of him.

I do not watch a lot of college football for reasons already chronicled in the this blog. But today, I have great interest in two games. First, I want to see Joe Paterno send Urban Meyer into retirement with a loss. I admire no person in college sports as much as Joe Pa. And may he live forever as one of the only pictures of integrity left in college sports.

The other game I am watching is the Rose Bowl, where TCU should not be. Again the BSC bishops in the Church of Football have avoided the truth by not only making moves to keep a playoff from happening, but put in a team led by a criminal whose journeyman career clearly demonstrates that education is a facade in college football. I have no particular ill feeling for Wisconsin, but the world needs to see a badger beating, sadly, to take TCU seriously.

As for the "championship" game, I am sure my little boycott won't make a difference, except to my soul.

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