Saturday, March 17, 2012

Meditation XVI -- Punctuation

But he would withdraw to desolate places to pray.

Jesus had healed a man of leprosy, and told him not to tell anyone. However, news of the healing spread so much and so quickly that Our Lord was inundated with people who wanted to listen to him and be healed of their own maladies.

But even during these times of busyness, Christ took time to get away from people and talk with the Father. One might get the impression that doing so was essential for his work. He told us he was here to do God's will; how else was He going to not only know, but live that will without spending time alone with the Father?

Too often I have looked at solitude and prayer as luxuries when I have been overwhelmed by the tasks that "must be done." Foolishly, I forget that prayer is essential for any spiritual person. Otherwise all work, even ministry, is futile. It is, as Saint Paul said, "beating the air."

Lord, nothing is as important as my relationship to You. Let not my work be punctuated by fits of prayer, but may prayer be paramount and my work be punctuation.

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