Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Not Your Barista

I posted the following for students in my face to face classes this morning, but felt that it needed to be shared all around. Your thoughts on the subject are most welcome.

I really do like my classroom to be comfortable, and for learning to be enjoyable. English is hard enough for all of us, right?

But there are limits. There are a handful of people who have treated our classroom, for lack of a better word, like a coffee shop. They drop in five, ten, or more minutes late and saunter to a spot as if just meeting friends. They text during class. They visit extensively while work is to be done. They check email and web sites that have nothing to do with the class.

The classroom is not a coffee shop, and I'm not a barista. It is a place of learning. It is also a place where we can practice being professional. How do you think an employer will handle chronic tardiness or texting during meetings?

So. Wear comfortable clothes. Feel free to check Facebook before class. You can even bring a latte. Just don't be late because of the line at Starbucks. Don't text during lecture. Don't check your fantasy team when you are supposed to be writing.

And expect greatness from yourself. I know I do.

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