Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Wow! It seems like ages since I blogged. School and work and life just seem to be a bit hectic right now. The semester is going fine, but I'm still catching up on some things, and haven't had much chance to write.

Have posted an essay, "Constructing Nature." Keep wondering about my essays and publication. I have recently had a lot of ideas for essays and want to write several, but that just takes that much more time away from other writing.

Who am I kidding? If I am writing, I am happy. Must keep writing, no matter what the genre. I haven't even written much in my personal journal lately.

Got a rejection email from Amarillo Bay for my poems "Lamp," "To A Fleeing Hawk," "Going Hence," "Through The Drizzle," and "The Artist Still." Editor Jerry Craven did say he'd like to see more of my work, however, so that is very encouraging. Maybe it isn't true, but I reason that since editors are usually overloaded with writing they would rather not read, they must like something if they actually encourage you to submit again, even while they reject what you have already sent. Bottom line: I need to carve some time to find good pieces to submit. Just trying to get work published is a full time job, and I feel lucky if I can make one submission a week. With email and online submissions now possible in so many places, this should be a breeze, but alas, no.

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