Friday, January 03, 2003

Again, I have had to wait awhile to post anything here. Computer at home is very down and I couldn't access the net with the laptop I checked out of the library. Oh well.

Have done some writing. Posted today a new story, "The Last Bottle," and two new poems: "Approaching The Hawk" and "The Artist Still." Also started an archive. Pretty soon I will have to take some works off the main pages.

Started a personal essay about Christmas. Maybe I can finish it this weekend. It reads a bit like prose poem. Don't know if I could get it published. Guess it could show up in a book somewhere. Don't know. Got a feeling some people I know will be upset about it anyway. But then again, lots of people that would be don't read what I write. So what am I worried about?

Been pretty busy with Wintermester. Like my class. Didn't give myself enough of a break during the holiday though.

Been reading, of course. Finished Poodle Springs, by Raymond Chandler and Robert B. Parker. I think I read another Parker book (and early one) before that. Have been plowing my way though Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman. Good, but since I'm taking notes, it is taking me a bit longer. Also started my first P.D. James novel, Devices and Desires (or the other way around). Other stuff too has been read since my last posting, but I'm out of time to write about it for now.

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