Saturday, July 17, 2004

Listening to: Pat Metheny's Watercolors disc (actually on tape) IN MY NEW HOUSE!!! We are finally here! It seems like a crazy long journey, but I have finally moved. Tonya and I are really sore and tired, perhaps a bit cranky, but really happy to be here. The kids are figuring out how to live in a house, and the experience has been painful at times, and ecstatic at times. Max's favorite thing seems to be the water sprinkler, that and the TVR feature on the new Dish system. The twins seem to delight in chasing each other around. Alex seems to love her solitude in her room.
Took forever, it seems, but finally found the book I was reading, The Greatest Story Ever Told. Perhaps I've lost a little interest, but I had read a good third, and I'm committed to finishing. Plan to read Asimov's I, Robot next.

Ready to get back to some sort of routine of writing. I got a nice letter the other day from someone who actually reads my blog. The letter encouraged me to get back to work on an essay that has been bouncing around with me for some time. I'd also like to get back to submitting some stuff.
Did get news that two poems have been accepted for online journals. One is to be published at Dufus. It is titled, "Slam the door when you go." The other, "Fear at Burger King," is already available at Chronogram. I'm actually getting paid real money for the poem at Chronogram. So thanks to all that have looked so kindly on my little pieces. And reader, please go read.

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