Monday, September 06, 2004

Monday night, almost Tuesday morning. I just watched The Riverman on A&E. It was pretty scary, and in ways I'm sure many people won't get. Oh well.

Saturday was the big retirement party for my brother John. My family had a great time. We played volleyball (my team losing 2 of 3) and a hysterical game of Horse, which Brett won. Bryan and I beat John and Donnie in basketball, but I don't think talent was least not on my part. (Bets were taken on who would end up in the pool during the game, and though no one officially fell in, I was the odds on favorite.) There was a ceremonial burning of the CG uniform. There was much food and laughter. My ankle and neck hurt a bunch, but it always does. I got to add some pain from pulled groins and the nagging voice that sounds like my mother and says, "You are not young anymore." Some of the pictures are here. (Thanks Kaye for not posting the most embarrassing ones.)

I was much happy spending this time with the family. Finally got to see Jen and Donnie's most gorgeous baby, my nephew Blake. See the pics, adore the child! Was able to chat with my grandfather and visit with Aunt Ellen and laugh with cousins and brothers and sisters. That is minus Steve. His absence was noted with many profound exclamations. Seriously dude, come see us some time!

John and Kaye are wonderful hosts, as are Jen and Donnie. I hope we can live up to the task come Thanksgiving. Anyway, thanks guys for a terrific day!

I am very proud of my brother's service to his country. It is plenty that he devoted so much of his life to his work in the Coast Guard, but he also is a real family man, not like on television, but I've met few men whose love of his wife and children is more obvious. He also has a great sense of humor and though we disagree on many important ideas and issues, he is worth arguing with. I also admire that he wants to work, that he recognizes the need for a man to be of use.

So Sunday, I didn't go to church, and I feel much guilty for it. Our family is still trying to get ourselves used to the idea of getting up and driving to McKinney for services (and Sunday school soon). I know there is a fine congregation in Rockwall, but St. Peter's has meant a great deal to us. I'm not sure yet that it is time for us to leave.

Did some catching up today on school stuff. For once, I won't feel guilty that I took a bunch of stuff home only to ignore it all weekend and rush through it. I conclude, therefore, that all weekends should be three days long. Of course, I didn't mow the yard, but I'm planning to blame that on Hurricane Francis.

Read the first story in Block's Sometimes You Get The Bear, titled "By Dawn's Early Light." It features his character Matt Scudder. I liked it okay. I've decided I probably should save reading like this for the afternoon/evening and keep the heavier stuff to morning when my mind is better suited for it. Thus I seem to be back to trying to read several books at once. Have relegated The Art of Rapid Reading to bathroom time, which sounds bad, but I'm at a point in the book where its age is showing and I'm perhaps a bit less interested, though many fascinating tidbits still come out. As for Aristotle, I'm plowing through, getting some of it.

Also, since I need to be in my office by 6:30, and I want to make sure I have a quiet time each day, preferably at home before work, I will have to try to get up a bit earlier. I'm moving the clock up 15 minutes until I get the timing where I want it. The wife, one might say, is not so pleased.

Peace to all!

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