Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Publication Notes (October/November 2007)

A couple days ago, I received my contributor's copy of Lachryma: Modern Songs of Lament, which includes my poem "Concurrences." Yesterday, I signed my contract for "Peniel" to be published next year at Farrago's Wainscot. This means three of the five sequences in my book Meditations in Progress (still a working title) will have been published. ("Damnation" was published minus one section when I was in graduate school in The Mayo Review. Now if I could just find someone willing to take a chance on the whole book.

My story "Except the Weather" was rejected by Popular Ink. I usually don't mention the rejections (other than I get plenty!), but the editors took the time to let me know what they liked about my story and what they felt needed to be "flushed out." I really appreciate the feedback.

Electric Velocipede has accepted my story "Partita for continuo." I received an email from the editor the other day stating it would be published Summer 2008.

Today, I got a note from Espresso Fiction that they want my story "The Noisy Neighbor." This is an interesting publication that sends story via email to subscribers. They want to publish my story on January 8. I need to do an online interview for them.

Hope to be able to complete the author page for Sniplits pretty soon. They have accepted my stories "Puppy" and "A Little Accident."

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